Cosmetic Cupping

Benefits of Cosmetic Cupping

Cupping for Cellulite Reduction:

Cellulite is caused by fat, water, and trapped waste as it pushes up against the surrounding fibrous connective tissue. Normally, these materials would be metabolized. When they’re not, they sit there. As they accumulate, they have nowhere to go except up.

The science behind cupping for cellulite is that it works on breaking up the aforementioned deposits of fat, water, and waste. Cupping increases blood flow to the connecting tissue, preventing fat from bulging. How this happens is relatively straightforward. The cups are small, made from silicone, and they work as a vacuum. When applied to the skin, they suction tissue upwards. It almost is like getting a ‘reverse massage’ done. The dimpled skin lifts, circulation increases, and toxins gradually eliminate.

A 2014 study demonstrated as the cups stimulated lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, the appearance of cellulite also began to disappear. Cupping’s been shown to be a safe, efficient method of getting rid of cellulite. It’s not instantaneous though. It can take multiple treatments and continued use is required. The important thing though is that it works – unlike so many therapies, creams, and other treatments that have long been debunked.

Results are best when done in a series of weekly treatments of 8-10.


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