Postpartum Belly Binding

What Are the Benefits of Postpartum Belly Binding

Belly binding has been done for centuries. 

However, more recently it has been confused with items on the market that target a different area of the body and are more about body shaping, as opposed to healing and support. Belly binding is the tradition of wrapping the postpartum belly within days after birth. A long cloth is used to wrap the belly in the lower pelvic area up to the belly button. The wrapping is typically done daily, for 6 weeks, to provide physical support for the new mother. Many women describe it feeling like a big hug, which provides emotional support as well.

There are many benefits of belly binding. 

The two that most women notice immediately after binding is the hip and lower back support. As you know, when you are pregnant, your hips need to expand to allow room in your pelvis. Once baby is born, your hips will slowly move back into place. This can sometimes cause some soreness or discomfort. Wearing the bind provides constant support to your hips and can reduce some of that discomfort. It is also very common to have a sore back after labor for a variety of reasons. The wrap goes around your lower back providing support for your back and your posture. Many times women are hunched over during those first few postpartum days, holding their tiny baby, learning to nurse or bottle feed, or just from overall fatigue. Often women are standing up a lot straighter after binding, due to that extra support on their lower back.

There are many types of belly binding methods, rooted deep in some cultures. The common style used is the traditional method using a large piece of medical gauze that supports the abdomen gently. We will teach you and your support person how to wrap your own belly in what is called a belly binding session. This usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes and can be added to your acupuncture or massage session. Often self belly massage is done first with warming oil, prior to wrapping the belly, to help stimulate your digestion.


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