PEMF Therapy

What is PEMF Therapy

We and all other living creatures are fundamentally electric in nature. We live in the world which has a natural magnetic field and there is the global “Schumann” electromagnetic field resonances (vibrations). Our bodies naturally interact with the earth’s magnetic fields and has historically evolved to be in balance with this natural phenomena. Magnetic fields affect our body chemistry at a cellular level. PEMF Therapy helps to stimulate and re-balance ourselves. PEMF affects everything within the magnetic field it creates stimulating and energizing.

In the modern world there are the GOOD EMF’s which include PEMF and as well as the earth’s natural magnetic fields. But there are the BAD EMF’s which are the various high frequency EMF’s such as cell phone signals which also affect the bodies cellular structure and can cause cancer.

  • Healthy Cells – Have Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) of about (-70) to (-90)millivolts (Otto Walburg Nobel prize winner)

  • For unhealthy cells TMP starts dropping. (-50) mv get chronic fatigue syndrome. Even lower for cancerous cells. For Inflammatory conditions TMP increases to higher values (-120 mv or higher)

  • PEMF improves ion exchange. Toxins flow out improving TMP balancing

  • More intra-cellular energy transfer occurs from the Transmembrane ATPase process.

PEMF Therapy Benefits

PEMF Therapy has been widely studied and you can find thousands of scientific studies testing this therapy. There is a wide variety of different applications, if you are interested in looking at studies using PEMF technology there are currently over 450 studies on pubmed the vast majority supporting the benefits of PEMF’s.

Good EMF’s versus Bad EMF’s

Many people are aware of the negative effects Electromagnetic Fields have but it is important to understand not all Electromagnetic fields are bad and in the case of PEMF therapy we are using them to recharge our cells. Each cell in the body has its own small electromagnetic field with all our cells operating between around 0-30Hz. The Earth also has a magnetic field fundamental resonance frequency which is usually around 7.83Hz which is referred to the Schumann Frequency and this is the type of magnetic field our bodies have evolved to operate properly in. The problem is with increasing technology our world is getting filled with electromagnetic pollution that is filled with higher frequency electromagnetic fields our bodies are unable to properly function with and is making us unhealthy.

Bad EMF’s can cause the following in our bodies:

  • Cancer
  • Cell death
  • Disturbed antioxidant enzyme balance
  • Genetic DNA damage
  • Increase free radical damage – aging and degeneration of organs
  • Low sex drive and reduced hormones
  • Inflammation
  • Poor metabolism -cannot absorb nutrients or release toxins from cell
  • Radiation damage
  • Reduced melatonin ( sleep) hormone
  • Unbalanced female and male hormones

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is based around using extremely low electromagnetic fields and pulsing them. This combination of pulsing extremely low electromagnetic fields can stimulate cells magnetic fields and can actually reverse the damaged caused by the bad EMFs. It is one of the quickest ways to fix EMF damage in the body.

A simple way to understand the how EMFs impact our cells is comparing the EMF to a battery charger and our body to a large number of small batteries (our cells). Every battery is made to operate properly within a certain voltage range. If you overcharge the battery it will burn out, this is similar to what happens to our cells when exposed to high frequency EMFs our cells are not compatible with. In comparison if you use the correct Battery Charger voltage the battery will charge properly, this is what the correct PEMF does for our cells. PEMFs charges our cells with the energy they are designed to operate at and need to operate at their maximum potential. BAD EMF’s will burn out our body cells and other illness’s will cause effectively a discharging of our body cells.


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