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Courtney Scott, Licensed Midwife Amazing Ramona homebirth midwife. She specializes in healthy living, gynecological wellness, low-risk pregnancy, physiologic birth (homebirth) and newborn care. Her practice focus is on inclusive, respectful, individualized, and informed choice care. She believes that you know your body the best and she’s here to collaborate with you! She also delivered Dr. Daron’s second baby!

Brielle Yorysh, Licensed Midwife Another amazing local Ramona homebirth midwife. She also works at Acorn Birth Center in Fallbrook!

Dr. Damon Cobb OB/GYN Top rated and much loved OB/GYN. He takes a holistic and low-intervention approach to pregnancy and childbirth. One of the most outstanding doctors you’ll ever encounter. He also delivered Dr. Daron’s third baby!

San Diego Community Birth Center

Best Start Birth Center

The Birth Education Center This amazing place teaches everything from Hypnobirthing to VBAC to lactation classes. Dr. Daron ascribes her last two natural births, one at home and one in the hospital, to the BEC’s hypnobirthing classes. They prepare you with all the information and techniques you need to have a fear-free birthing experience. They also have an excellent Doula-matching program. 

Team Tongue Tie Specializes in laser treatment of tongue, lip, and buccal ties to help your children that have breastfeeding issues. Team Tongue Tie performs laser frenectomies using our state of the art CO2 laser. They also treat children with feeding, dental, and speech issues and adults with speech issues, tie related dental problems, and chronic jaw pain. Dr. Daron’s children have all had tie issues and they have done excellent work. 


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